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The Seated Flyboard

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

This month we’ve got a number of new product groups, which includes the Seated Flybaord, a chair which attaches to the Flyboard, and when you sit in it, it acts like a jetpack.

This is unusual, as you usually stand on a Flyboard, but it means that anyone can use it, for example, if you’ve lost a limb you can still be put up in the air.

You control the seated Flyboard with your hands, but the way it works is quite ingenious. It involves an easy to install throttle kit which basically uses Bluetooth and sonar technology so you can control the Flyboard yourself rather than it being controlled by the person on the jet ski.

There’s two set-ups, normally if you were to experience Flyboarding at our lake, you would have one of our instructors using the power of the jet ski to control the Flyboard. Then the instructor uses the throttle to put you in the air, so you have no power control, only the power to steer the Flyboard. Once you become more and more confident with Flyboarding you can buy your own kit so you don’t have to have an instructor or anyone on the jet ski controlling your power. You can control the power yourself with the new electronic management kits, and you will have complete control over the jet ski as well as yourself.

So for a beginner, Flyboarding is a two man operation, with someone talking to you and teaching you all the way through, but just like riding a bike, once you become confident you can take off the stabilisers and do it on your own.

This new innovation looks and works like a jet pack, it has two arms to control the movement, plugs into the hose, and uses the Flyboard for propulsion. It literally comes with a seat so you can fly around while sat down, and this requires a lot less training to use than a regular Flyboard. 95% of beginners have got up in the air within the first ten minutes using the Seated Flyboard, so it is great for anyone who is nervous or sceptical about regular Flyboarding.

The Seated Flyboard is due out in spring/summer time. For more info call 01778 341144

What do you do with your flyboard?

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

As if flying around on jetpack-powered boots weren’t futuristic enough, here is a funky new looks. The person flying the flyboard recently borrowed a suit lined with neon-lights, put the suit on, strapped himself into his Flyboard and took to the air looking like a cross betweenb Iron Man and a character from Tron.

Batteries power the white lights on the arms, legs, chest and head of the suit, as well as the red lights that glow through the water blasting from the bottom of the Flyboard.

Join us on a flyboard day where you can experience the unique sensation of aquatic flight, we will teach you the basics, to hover, turn and fly safely. You will also get a full briefing and flyboard tuition.

Enjoy a Flyboard Experience

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

A flyboard day allows you to experience the unique sensation of aquatic flight. Become a superhero in a few minutes with a Flyboard. We have designed the day to give you an experience you will never forget and to give you the sensation that is described as aquatic flight.

We give you the training, you lock on the water jet boots and turn the power on. This pumps water up the tube, out of the boots, making the board rise above the water. You will then hover in the air and once you have got your balance, the flyboard will go higher, creating for you an incredible feeling of flight. You can pactice your board control, turns and then experience the full exhilarating Flyboard sensation. You won’t stop smiling but you will get wet!

Jetpack lets you become a human dolphin

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Ever dreamed of zooming through the water and leaping in the air like a dolphin? Well now you can thanks to an Iron Man-style jet pack called a Flyboard.

Built by water sports enthusiast Franky Zapata, from Marseille, the wearer straps his or her feet into shoes that are attached to powerful water jets, providing lift, with hand-guided nozzles stabilising the flight.

Earlier this year much excitement was generated by the water-powered Jetlev jetpack, but the difference with the Flyboard is that you can dive back in the water and out again.

Follow this is the link to the Daily Mail article.

Beware the scamming websites

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

ScamAlertIt has come to our attention that a web site has appeared that has been selling some of 158 Performance’s products at half the price that 158 are selling them for. The only way to pay on this site is by PayPal and there are only mobile phone numbers on the site or any actual contact details.

We have had contact with people who have paid their money in full but then their goods were never delivered. If you check out our web site, it has full contact details, including our UK address, all our phone numbers and even our UK Company Registration Number. We have nothing to hide and have been trading since 2009, we are not a fly-by-night company.

If you are thinking of purchasing any of 158 Performance’s products and are tempted to go elsewhere, please give us a call and we can verify if you are buying from a proper UK registered dealer.

Flyboard Dealers

Monday, June 17th, 2013

148FlyboardDealersOur site features a list of dealers that sell Flyboards throughout the UK. we are also looking for distributors for certain areas, if you would like to become a dealer, use the map to see where we need dealers in the UK and give us a call.

The map also shows where you can purchase a Flyboard in the UK. 158 Performance are the main dealers for Flyboards in the UK. We also have a distributor network, which you can see in the map above. Should you wish to work with us and become a Flyboard dealer, please see the table below. We are always looking for new dealers in the areas where we do not have a presence.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please call Matt on 01778 341144

The new 2013 Flyboard

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

158Performance_Flyboarding8The Flyboard is the perfect meeting between wakeboard, surf, kite and jet-ski. This new extreme sport allows you to get around above water like a bird, dive into water like a dolphin and realize many incredible freestyle figures. The learning is very intuitive allowing high sensations from its first utilization. With technical, practical and aesthetical novelties built on from the previous model, the Flyboard 2013 will offer new possibilities and sensations to its user.

The Flyboard is a board which, linked to a Jet-ski turbine with a 18 meters pipe, allows its user to go up to 10 meters from the water. The board orientation is made by the board inclination. Two pipes fixed on the forearms’ user (now optionnal) give two water jets, which ensure a perfect equilibrium as ski poles. The height that can be reached depends on the Jet-Ski power. With the 150HP option, the Flyboarder can reach up to 5 or 6 meters and with the 250HP option, the user can use the maximum pipe length, that is 10 meters. The Flyboard can be used alone or by two-users. One person on the jet who controls the jet ski while the second flies on the Flyboard. A user can also fly on their own using the optional electronic kit that allows ontrol from the Flyboard with a throttle placed in the right hand.

New for 2013

  • Pro-rider version included: the hand stabilizers can be removed and replaced by a plug (utilization recommended after 50h of practice).
  • New quick engagement system for an easier elbow set up
  • Removable pivotal system.
  • New board more resistant and new design allowing a 5km/h gain in speed and a better handling when performing submarine figures.
  • Nozzles bearing included in the nozzles and circlips more resistant.
  • Hand hoses more resistants and equipped with smooth handles.
  • Hand support cover reinforced.
  • New pearly white supply hose coated with a transparent polish.
  • New nozzles equipped with a roofline to optimize the water penetration.

The Flyboard National Tour

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

FNTThe date: 13th July 2013

Location: Jacksons Dock Hartlepool Marina

What is the Flyboard National Tour

This is a fun event that’s aimed at introducing new riders to the world of Freestyle. Anyone and everyone is welcome at the FNT, be it you just want to watch, learn something new, compete or just to have a family weekend away.

Contact: For More info on the event please email:

More Info:

Itinerary for the day:

10.00     Sign in Fly boarding

11.00     Fly boarding practice time

12.30     Start of Fly boarding heats

14.00     end of Fly boarding

17.00     Sign Freestyle

18.00     Freestyle practice time

20.00     Start Freestyle Night round

22.00     Freestyle show with Ant Burgess and Jason Bleasdale – plus Flyboard

22.30     Finish

What Is It All About?

In the Oxford Dictionary it states that Freestyle is “A sports competition in which people taking part can use any style that they want” but what does Freestyle mean to Freestylers?

“A friendly atmosphere, with like minded people” – Keith Thomas 

“Go out and do what you want on the water you don’t have set routine you go out and express what you feel and what you want to do, there is no right or wrong way of doing any of the tricks” – Anthony Burgess

“To me it’s just pure fun” – Craig Halloway

Three to five assorted judges will normally be doing the scoring, the freestyler being scored for getting in as many different unrepeated tricks as possible within the time, and successfully completing all of them. This applies to surface tricks, underwater ones, and of course the favourite big air ones. Spectacular big air tricks will not necessarily score any higher than a technically as difficult surface trick that may be more difficult to see, but as long as all the tricks “flow” together well, all the different types of tricks can carry roughly equal marks.

This is a fun event that’s aimed at introducing new riders to the world of Freestyle. Anyone and everyone is welcome at the FNT, be it you just want to watch, learn something new, compete or just to have a family weekend away.  The FNT caters for all with Saturday hosting the competitions and fun events like Zorbing in the evening and social Saturday night where riders can relax after competing with a drink or two (or more)!

Learn to Fly With Flyboard

Friday, April 12th, 2013

158Performance_Flyboarding60The Flyboard is a watersports apparatus which allows propulsion underwater and in the air, it could be compared to a powered wakeboard.

It was developed by Franky Zapata of Zapata Racing.

The nozzles under your feet put out 90% of the propulsion and allows movement by tilting your feet and tilting the Flyboard. The nozzles on the hands put out 10% of the propulsion and are used to help stabilization much the same way as ski poles.

Find your balance and you will be flying like a bird or swimming through the water like a dolphin!

Between 5 to 20 minutes are needed to learn the basics of the Flyboard with an instructor. It takes about 3 hours of training to master the maneuvers and understand the operation of the Flyboard.

Flyboard makes you a jet-powered Aquaman

Friday, April 12th, 2013

158Performance_Flyboarding50Not getting enough attention at the beach? Here’s something that will make an impression. The Flyboard can send you flying in and out of the water or hovering above it like Poseidon. The Flyboard lets you fly in and out of the sea, hover, and spray people with tons of water.

French water sports champion Franky Zapata’s Flyboard is basically a rotatable platform attached to a long hose and a hydrojet. It can lift the rider 30 feet out of the water while he or she pilots it with secondary, handheld jets.

The Flyboard’s thrust comes out below the user’s feet instead of a jet pack, so it’s more like riding a skateboard. It connects to any personal watercraft (PWC; aka Jet Ski, a brand) with an engine of 100 hp or greater.